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Those who  listen to English raps may know 32 Karat Who has worked with the likes of Slap D,K-Star,Dope G and Verbal Assassin as notable lyricists .Like Cassidy embarrassing Meek Mill bar for bar, 32 karat has decided to bomb Bobby East first with the track “Hip Hop [Spam]” which he produced himself. In the track he claims that Hip Hop is dead as it has gone from 2pac to 2chains. 32 Karat has been rhyming since 2007 and featured on multiple tracks on The Cash roll mixtape which had the best emcees in Zambia such as K.R.Y.T.I.C,K-Star-Mac ,Slap Dee, Zone Fam ,5ive 4our ,Camstar  etc.

32 Karat is Currently signed to label “Urban Chaos” .him and the group will soon be dropping a mixtape called “Bad In Country” this month which they (URBAN CHAOS) say is aimed at restoring sanity to Zambian Hip Hop.
On the track 32 Karat claims that Hip Hop is dead and rappers think they are the best when they rap in Vernacular .Hip Hop [Spam] is not just a diss song dedicated to Bobby East but it also an attack on the current Hip Hop which is mainly dominated by vernacular rappers .Disappointed with the way the game is ,
32 Karat launches a missile that may not be well received by Bobby East. On the song 32 Karat raps “This is not personal/but when is Bobby East going to spit something sensible/” .After hearing this line you may realize that the track does not only attack vernacular rappers but also Bobby East .Despite him condemning vernacular rapping for the current situation which he calls dead Hip-Hop,32 Karat salutes Chef 187 who he says is killing all vernacular rappers lyrically.
When asked about why he named dropped Bobby East on the song 32 Karat replied “frankly, i don’t feel Bobby’s music. I loved ‘Fyompebales’ coz it was uniquely different. Even the Bana Mulenga track was nice. Sanduka, Stoppila Sunzu and Hate mail were all very wack! . The dude sounds awkward, his rhyming pattern leaves much to be desired. In English he sounds just plain awful. We need to stop settling for mediocrity in Zambia. I don’t understand why he is getting so much attention for half-baked work. Give those nice beats to some of us we kill” [Laughs].

Asked about what he thinks of Bobby’s Hit song Hate-mail 32 Karat answered “i don't like it. The idea was nice but his rap is weak. I don't understand how people call it poetic? There was no rhythm....he poorly constructs his lyrics. There no metaphors, syllables, similes...Its got no real punchlines."Seen darker days than Akon" really??????

In the end 32 Karat says the song is not aimed at dissing Bobby East but just what he feels about the current Hip Hop situation in Zambia .32 Karat who is also head of production at Urban Chaos finished his words by saying “i dont not have a problem with bobby east personally i just don't like his rap”.


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