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Oscar Pistorius Tried To Resuscitate Dying Girlfriend After Shooting Her


There might be new breaking information in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, who was allegedly shot by boyfriend and Olympian blad runner Oscar Pistorius.
According to NY Mag, paramedics say that Pistorius tried to revive his girlfriend after he shot her, since he says he believes he thought she was an intruder at first.

While that explanation has been largely dismissed by law enforcement so far, a source has told Afrikaans-language newspaper Beeld that paramedics arrived on the scene to find Pistorius attempting to revive Steenkamp with mouth-to-mouth. Since Pistorius's possible second thoughts don't change what happened, prosecutors and police have yet to comment on the resuscitation update and are instead focusing their attentions on neighbors' reports of a disturbance at the home several hours before the shooting.
Bullet In The Chamber:" Olympian Oscar Pistorius Charged With Premeditated Murder For Shooting Girlfriend 
The Olympian athlete is reported to be on suicide watch while in jail during his trial after he was found carrying Steenkamp down the stairs when police arrived.
A source told The Sun:
'He's been given a cell to himself at the police station but there are criminals in cells around him and he doesn't belong there. There are police concerns over his mental state.'We hope that this case can be given a fair trial and justice is served for Reeva Steenkamp.

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